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Ours to Yours

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From Ours to Yours means to extend its possibility of the pouch to be marked as yours officially.

Thus, we come to its personalization page and offer our selected pouch size to you.

The nature of this collection is Pre-Order. 

It means from the time you submit  & confirmed the order until the time to be ready for shipment to your address will take minimum 4 weeks time which includes production & shipment. 



Personalized Name

Write your community or group name and put it as your brand. Personalization at its best.


Choose Label Shape

As beginning, we offer 2 different shape for the label format, such as rectangular and oval.

If you have other ideas, please write your enquiry below to double check the possibility prior to put your official order. 


Get Free Shipping

As part of the benefit of Ours to Yours product, we will ship your order with an A Priority / A priority plus tracking for countries outside of Switzerland. Once you put your order in the basket and arrive on the Delivery Method section, you are advised to choose "Ours to Yours" to be counted free of charge.

*If you would like to add another single item in the order, please do it separately especially when you expect the item immediately. If you combine orders of Ours to Yours with other single items then, choosing Ours to Yours for free of charge shipment, then all items will automatically be shipped following T & C of Ours to Yours. 


Choose Your Font

When personalization reach to choosing your own font to create the special vibe. 

Such as: Times New Roman, Comic Sans or etc.


Choose the Pattern

On our current offer, you may choose one from the available options we have.

Different quantity order has its different benefits such price quote and terms & conditions.

If you expect another quantity, please write your inquiry below to get price quotation. 

It is not the gift, but the thought that counts

Henry Van Dyke

Ours to Yours inquiry

Will get back to you shortly!

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